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sbSouth Bristol is called the smallest town of Ontario county, New York. It has a population of not more than 1700 individuals. The town got its name after separation from the Town of Bristol. It has a number of exceptional things to offer its visitors. During the fall season, deer can be found crossing the highways and hence, drivers should be extremely careful.

Although South Bristol is a small town, but still it offers a number of exclusive attractions for visitors to look forward to on their tour. Some of these are as follows:


Museums and parks

Different kinds of museums have been formed to restore and preserve the heritage and history of the town. The Cumming Nature Center is one of the best museums that the town has. It has all the environmental and scientific collections to help children learn. Apart from this, there are many other valuable museums such as Granger Homestead and Carriage Museum, Historical society, Yates County Genealogical, The Oliver House Museum etc.

There are a number of parks as well. For example, Town of South Bristol Park, Marie Standish Bills Memorial Park, Ontario County Park and many more. These parks are an excellent choice for family picnics and to teach children about the importance of the flora.


South Bristol offers housing to tourists in a number of resorts that are highly equipped to provide the best services to their guests. The resorts offer excellent activities, food, spacing for special occasions, and sight-seeing. The resorts such as the Bristol Mountain winter resort, Bristol Harbour, and Finger Lakes Trail offer activities that include, skiing, hiking, rides, different kinds of sports, golf, spa etc. The resorts can also be booked for weddings and conferences.


Every year, a number of events are held in the town. Like every other city or town in the US, the events of South Bristol reflect the people and the culture of the town. Events are held all-round the year. Hence, you should research for the events that are due to take place during the time of your visit. There are a number of theaters that hold events for the entertainment of both children and adults. Nightlife events are also available for enjoyment.


South Bristol offers some amazing food and beverage choices to tourists. There are different kinds of restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs that serve all cuisines. There are wineries and breweries for tours as well. Food events take place that are ideal for learning more about the types of food and drinks. Some of the famous restaurants include, Bristol Harbour’s Lodge Restaurant, Brown Hound Bistro, Redwood restaurant etc.


South Bristol offers much more to the tourists than just museums, parks, great food, events, and beautiful resorts etc. Outdoor sports of different nature are available for enjoyment. A tour of the entire town can also be opted for. There are zoos, bowling alleys, offbeat attractions and much more for you to see in this small town. South Bristol is definitely worth a visit for a unique experience.


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